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"HEALTH CARE: What We're Missing in the Big Debate"

The cost of what is called health care is contributing to the loss of jobs and bankrupting many American families. This overwhelming problem is to a large degree is the result of what health is perceived to be. Learn what’s missing in the equation.

Custom Consultations

Each of us is unique in many aspects such as how we have lived, diet, exposures to toxins and stressors. You are different from the next person in what you think about, dwell upon, and sound down into your heart. Your spiritual approach and emotional make-up can be very different from another. Consultations must be tailored to meet individual needs. Cookie-cutter approaches do not serve you well.

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Educational Courses

The benefits of NHC Courses are the gaining of wisdom based upon decades of past experience. You'll acquire insight into natural health by examples, lessons and skilled direction. You'll stretch and challenge your thiinking and expand your vision.You'll understand best health practices and how to apply them in daily life.You will hone in on what you want to achieve, and, best of all, experience a shortened learning curve.

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Keynote Speaker

Maintaining health in a world fraught with dangers and challenges is tough to accomplish for the casual thinker.It is not a time to be ill-equipped, lacking essential understanding and wisdom. If you wish to see the big picture of health and what is involved in achieving it, Susanne's Keynote, "Honor The Power Within" will have you re-thinking your role and committing to changes with dogged determination.

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